Orangutan Education and Conservation

I really enjoyed working and being with the orangutans. I would not wanted to miss this experience.


Orangutan Education and Conservation

Days were planned really well and the program itself was so useful when meeting people.


Special Need Education

It’s a great way to help young children that are in need of help. And a good opportunity to learn about yourself.


Special Need Teaching

If you do it right, this place will change your life. The kids will light up your entire world, even if for just a few hours a day. Just remember that you get what you put in. You have a responsibility to love and teach these children and both are of equal importance.


Special Need Teaching

It was a privilege to be a part of this volunteering experience. I learnt a lot from the other people around me, in a beautiful place.


Special Need Teaching

I am glad that I choose to participate on the Malaysia volunteer program. I met new friends, the coordinators were friendly and helpful and the the program was meaningful and amazing.



They do their very best to set you up for success and make sure you understand and are prepared for your placement. My experience when teaching children English in Malaysia was outstanding. The children were so intelligent, attentive and enthusiastic to learn! Their bright spirits made the environment of the classroom such a joy to be a part of! I was able to learn and grow so much while creating lesson plans and teaching the children.