Volunteers can cultivate the sincere attitude of caring for the welfare and welfare of society. Youths who have a strong spirit and are concerned about the conditions of the community around them are those who are always sensitive and want to help without expecting any reply.

Being useful to others, the attitude of volunteerism has a great impact on the individual youth itself. It cultivates the easy nature of sacrifice for the better, the space for learning collectively working and sowing the feelings of love and affection among beings, regardless of appearance, religion or race.

Get satisfaction through the contributions and sincere help extended to people that may need help.

Leadership, soft skills, speeches, confrontations with the community and others will be tested when they face a volunteer program.

Be able to explore the disadvantages of the less fortunate as well as being more sensitive to the local community.

Through immersion in a foreign community, participants are challenged to open their minds, to leave their comfort zones and think differently about the world and their place in it.

Raised their aspirations and either enhanced their existing skills and competencies or helped them build new ones.


Volunteering also provides a very expensive experience in terms of citizenship preparation and leadership. They learn about the wider society and the ways and implications of life in society. They learn about laws, government agencies, business companies, social organizations and others that all can help her/him understand the political system of this country.

It can help offer certain services that have not been initiated by other parties. Voluntary organizations offer different types and forms of service for the less fortunate, such as orphans, seniors, special groups, addicts and the poor.

Raise awareness about the importance of social activities that require volunteer services
b) foster co-operation and unity among volunteer members
c) improve knowledge and skills
d) help ease the burden of those in need of assistance

Volunteers have the opportunity to understand and adapt the way people live in Asia with various activities and charities.