How To Register & Reserve

Step 1:
– Please sign in to you account, or signup a new account if you do not have an account here.

Step 2:
– You can choose your favorite program from the latest listing, or filter by Country or Program categories.

Step 3:
– After you click onto the program, you can read the program details. Here is the program images from previous members.

Step 4:
– After the images, there are full description of the program.
– On right side, you can see the program date and fees per person.
– Click on “Change Other Date” to see if the program is available on other date.

Step 5:
– The date that is highlighted is the date that is available.

Step 6:
– After you have chosen your date, here you can choose how many session you want to repeat on your program, if you want to go for 2 session, please choose 2 here.
– Add any remark if you have any special requirement for this program.

Step 7:
– After chosen the date, you can choose how many adults and kids are going.
– After that, please click “Book Online”.

Step 8:
– Please fill in all the guest info here.
– On right side, you can see the summary of the program.

Step 9:
– On bottom, please fill up your contact information.
– Please read on all the rules & regulation before you click “Confirm Now”.

Step 10:
– After made the payment, you have successfully book your program.
– Please wait for a few days to process your booking.